Market of Babel

Over the years, PGePROPEL has made much of the importance of marketing campaign integration.

It seems that marketing organizations default to silos in the absence of leadership that insists on one in which all relevant channels support one another, thereby making the whole greater than the sum of the parts.

An integrated PGePROPEL campaign might, for example, start with sourcing a list of potential customers by filtering for the attributes that would make them ideal candidates for your products and/or services.

A direct mail piece would be created with content that would vary with some of the more critical dimensions to create a more tailored message. Perhaps two or three offers might be floated in an initial test phase to fine-tune the message.

The mailer would point to a search-optimized website or micro-site, perhaps several, with landing pages also customized to appeal more directly to the client’s broad areas of interest or his/her life-stage, for example.

This web element would display useful, engaging content about our client’s products and services, and details about the campaign and how to take best advantage of it. Incentives would prompt the potential customer to share a little more information about him or herself, thereby allowing greater message customization in the future. The potential customer would be encouraged to opt in to receive ongoing future communiqués and “Like” your company Facebook page, which would have been updated to support the campaign.

A mobile version of this site would be created, specifically for smart phones, since your prospective customer is very likely to open an email with a link on his/her mobile device.

Which brings us to the email marketing channel. An email would leverage some of web content to support the campaign and set the stage for future messaging. This is also another opportunity to ask for a “Like” on Facebook, via an embedded hyperlink. A downloadable PDF of your latest brochure might be attached to the email.

In the meantime, your online traffic is carefully tracked for visits, click-throughs, opt-in permissions granted, enquiries made and campaign orders taken.

To sum up, five channels have supported one another:

  • Direct Mail
  • Web Micro-site
  • Mobile Micro-site
  • Social Media
  • Direct Email

Offers were market tested. Your brand was promoted across several platforms. Three of the five channels presented a targeted, personalized message to your potential customers. Sales were made. And a database of future prospects was built – a valuable legacy from your campaign investment.

It is increasingly difficult to get your message seen and heard in the noisy, cluttered marketplace. An extraordinary array of channels are clamoring for attention. Potential customers are going to gravitate to messages that speak to them in terms that are relevant to their lives. And, finally, your message is more likely to cut through if all your channels are speaking with one integrated voice.

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