Environmental Policy

As a company that provides environmental consulting services for print, PGePROPEL strives to be recognized as an environmentally safe and responsible marketing company and a model of environmentally responsible business. To this end, PGePROPEL makes every reasonable effort to:

  1. Prevent the over consumption of energy and other resource and reduce the production of waste, and the release of substances harmful to the biosphere;
  2. Maintain purchasing policies for PGePROPEL and its clients which favor environmentally-benign, post-consumer, bio-degradable, and non-toxic products wherever possible including paper stocks and inks that reduce our carbon footprint;
  3. Encourage all staff members of PGePROPEL to be environmentally aware and ensure the company’s Environmental Policy is publicized on the corporate website;
  4. Encourage all members of PGePROPEL to Re-think/Reduce/Re-use/Recycle and return empties. Given the costs that recycling entails, reduce and re-use options shall always be considered first; and
  5. Seek additional ways of achieving our goal of being environmentally safe and responsible.

As further evidence of our commitment to protecting the environment, PGePROPEL has developed a track record with clients and suppliers of print communications in auditing, documenting and enforcing environmentally sound practices.

PGePROPEL researches and evaluates the environmental policies of suppliers and prepares practical, implementable recommendations for standards that clients adopt.

Our Internal and external environmental initiatives include:



  • All waste paper is shredded on-site, then recycled through an outside paper converter.
  • On-line procurement tool eliminates the use of paper for most daily procurement functions.
  • Toner cartridges are recycled.
  • Proofing electronically via PDF, where possible, eliminates hard copy proofs and courier.
  • Incoming and outgoing graphic files are transmitted electronically via FTP sites to eliminate burning CDs and courier.
  • Lighting and heating energy consumption is monitored and minimized in off-hours.
  • Enrollment in the Forest Stewardship Council Xpert program.



PGePROPEL surveyed its preferred suppliers in 2005, 2007 and early 2008 on the following issues:

  • Corporate environmental policy statements
  • Use of Forest Stewardship Council certified stock/materials
  • Participation in government, community and industry programs
  • Forestry management certification with FSC, PEFC, SFI agencies
  • Adherence to municipal air standards
  • Alcohol-free press fountain solutions
  • Post treatment of solution
  • Soy/vegetable-based press inks
  • Method of disposal/recycling of waste ink
  • Chemicals used and disposal/recycling process
  • Method of cleaning used press rags
  • Substitution for aerosol cans and bottles
  • Computer-to-plate technology to eliminate the use of film, film packaging and film processing chemicals
  • Metal printing plate recycling
  • Wooden skids/pallets recycling

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